Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camp OBX Day 15, August 10 2009

Cousins, cousins everywhere. Stacy & Pete take their gang off to the beach and L and I decide to play tourist and join them in the heat of the day. The boys beg off. It's a great day for a kid to play in the surf and learn some bogey boarding skills. We're at Ocean Bay, favored tourist headquarters with young kids as there are bathrooms, plus it is just across the highway from our neck of the woods. T-Mike, esteemed leader of all the KDH lifeguards, stops by to say hi and points out Dave, second in command, in the Banana Boat giving rides to the guards to stave off their boredom.

An evening swim in the bay for everyone wraps up a very typical Camp OBX summer day; go to the beach, play in the sound with recovery breaks in between.

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