Monday, August 24, 2009

Camp OBX Day 7, August 2 2009

It is trip recovery and get acquainted day at camp. And this is what we do. Everyone wants a turn at holding S and DT are happy to let us get our fill.

In the afternoon M, L & I take in G-Force (no one else seems to want to go, cannot imagine). Martin later tells his mom that going to a movie is a camp first. I'm pretty sure we went to a movie in Manteo a few years back but maybe not. When we get out of the movie it has rained buckets, to borrow from an old expression that paints a pretty good picture. Without thinking, I take the beach road home. Mistake! It is so flooded and the tourists want to keep slowing to an almost stop in the inches deep water that completely covers the road. It really is not that flooded, as those of us that depend on Colington Road to go anywhere know, but it still is pretty impressive. And deep enough to maybe stall a car IF you stop. Still we get out without mishap and the kids love the spray we kick up. The tourists behind me finally figure out why I head to the center of the road when there is no on coming traffic (high road=less water) and follow suit.

It is a full camp. All cousins present save B who went to the mountains. And we'll all see him soon at his birthday party.

Happy Camp!

Camp OBX Day 6, August 1 2009

It is a quiet camp day. A bit of swimming in the bay with E before the rain sets in. Lots of art. L makes a dinosaur game, Follow the Footprints. Lego building. Basic rainy day camp stuff.

Early evening, Donny & I leave S&S in charge of the campers while we go to the airport to pick up DT& Sea Bass arriving from Nashville. They are doing their part to keep the camp theme viable. It will be many firsts for S. His first plane ride, his first swimming lessons, his first trip to the beach, and he will finally get to meet his uncles and Auntie Em.

Camp on!

Camp OBX Day 5, July 31 2009

Guests coming, guests going that's Camp OBX this summer. All of our guests pack for an early departure to Richmond but not before we have a goodbye family breakfast. And not before Robert rescues the kayak which has decided to take a trip toward the lake.

Midday sees Stephen & Sarah and E arrive from Durham! Guests coming, guests going is definitely our camp theme this summer. S&S and E settle in and we head for the fun pool so that water bug E can get in some swimming before bedtime.

Summer fun is all around.

Camp OBX Day 4, July 30 2009

Camp is filled with guests! Sarah, Theo & Peter, also from SC, arrived the previous evening and this morning during breakfast Robert, Diane & Jake arrive from Richmond. It is going to be a busy day at camp. Water activities include ball wars with the giant hamster balls, water pistol face offs, kayaking, playing with our newly refurbished rowboat that we bought at auction for $25 in Maine years ago, and occasionally swimming.

That evening we have a celebration birthday dinner for Beth including a candle ladened cake.

A hearty game of Risk sees Theo victorious. All three competitors have never played Risk before so it was an interesting game to watch. A handful of us played Quibbler, a birthday gift, with Beth. Conversation and good company serve the rest.

All guests to the house are intrigued by our crown book shelving that runs the perimeter of every room. It is such a great way to store your games, books, treasures, and see it all in a glance. Nathaniel is happy to note that we are Terry Pratchett fans.

Stifled yawns, we are reluctant to end the day, guide us all to bed.

Camp OBX Day 3, July 29 2009

Camp guests have arrived in the night! Beth, Bernie & Nathaniel all the way from South Carolina.

Next morning M immediately puts Nathaniel to work constructing Legos.

Later we journey out to the aquarium. L loves the aquarium but is very interested in getting to the gift shop. When we do, both campers conveniently forget that the rule from home is 'no more stuffed animals.' L is usually the major purchaser here but M tops her with a huge shark (sorry E&M but the other shark option was too small to consider, his teeth were just....wrong) purchase. He did not whine when I first said probably not to such a large acquisition knowing how much trouble I was going to be in (although I did not get the directive directly, these things have been discussed). But I could not go with the measly other shark choice so I ponied up. We also bought a giant turtle for B's first birthday present. And L added to her snake collection.

B's turtle ended up with lots of good karma. We all took turns carrying him. And he got a dusting of powdered sugar from a shared funnel cake at the outdoor cafe when the wind whipped up.

A great camp day!

Camp OBX Day 2, July 28 2009

Ah the joys of doing next to nothing. Both campers slip easily into this mode.

Good to report that animal husbandry is well in hand and the cats so happy for camper attention.

Finally later in the day we dust off the cobwebs and head out for a swim in the fun pool. We rather like going toward the end of the day anyway. Less sun worries and less swimmers.

First we drop off cds to Miss Kay and a painting to friend Chris. There is a slight tussle over who gets to put the cds in the mailbox, not resolved by the other camper getting to deliver the painting since this does not involve a mailbox. So we decide to burn more cds for another mailbox delivery to Miss Kay.

Sweet dreams from Camp OBX!

Camp OBX Day 1, July 27 2009

We run a first class operation here at Camp OBX. We pick up our two primary campers from their northern Virginia home, after a never ending ride through rain storms and traffic jam after traffic jam. But this provides us with a fine opportunity to see M&L's enormous trophies for Most Improved Swimmer on their summer league swim team. And all of their ribbons for well swum events. First year for both!

The return trip to camp next day is fun. We stop in Richmond at Whole Foods to get a new supply of Donny's favorite yogurt, Libertè, and lunch to go. iphone games make the rest of the trip a quick one.

At dinner L comments, 'This is a really nice dinner,' as she views the sun setting over the water.

Camp is off to a good start!