Sunday, November 30, 2008

Edward Spends a Day at the Beach

Happy Mr E
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The day after Thanksgiving was Edward's first full day at the beach. Well not technically since he was here in October for D&T's wedding. But he & parents slept next door and so that only half counts. After a breakfast or two and a nap in between we all took a walk to the toy beach. Stephen was sad to see only the light house remaining of the old playground toys but as fun as they were, those icons of Colington Harbor childhood were really not that safe with sharp corners and so on, although the structures were fine.

Next S&S&E and I explored life by the dock of the bay while Donny went shopping. Mr E really really wanted to get in the water. He is going to be some water baby!

Donny came home with a shiny new PS3 and a copy of Wall-E for our evening entertainment. S&S had not yet seen it and upon Stephen's recommendation Donny got the PS3 so we could watch in movie quality Blu-Ray.

Before retiring for bed (after 3 day naps) Edward showed off his page turning skills with Mom's help and then his kicking skills using his new beach entertainment center which turned out to be exactly the same one he has at home! He also explored some of the vintage Ball baby toys and found them rather intriguing and worthy of his attention.

All in all a well balanced and fun day!