Sunday, July 06, 2008

July 4th on the OBX

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Donny & I decided to take in the fireworks displays from the monument hill. It is a pretty well kept secret on the OBX yet enough people show up to make it festive. We found the Jacobson's hanging out on the beach side of the hill and joined them.

I thought the KDH official display would be at Ocean Bay like it has been but this year it was at Avalon Pier. Too far away for the straight on effect but still spectacular. We got a great view of Nags Head Pier's fireworks, too. And if you slipped to the dark side of the monument you saw Manteo's.

The wind was blowing enough that bugs were not a problem.

And midway through the displays a gifted trumpeter played the national anthem. It was hauntingly perfect, there on such a historical hill, watching fireworks go off in every direction.

My pictures are all hand held and still I love them. They're firework art!