Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back By Popular Demand

 Kind of proud of this show. Twenty-four originals created fresh from my studio lovingly built for me by my guy, Donny. When we were making some changes to our house, I suggested that a studio would be good. My art supplies had so many homes in nooks and crannies around and about. Scattered at best. Having them all in one place all the time would be a dream come true. And nothing would even need to be put away. Ever. Truly a dream come true. And it is. Thanks, hon. I love it and you, with all the wealth in my heart.

Painting is a way of life for me. Thanks to my stellar Mom I always had supplies to perfect my art. Always. Pots of finger paints. Reams of paper. An easel. Prang crayons. Sometimes even the biggest box that had gold, silver and copper as well as 64 total, count'em, colors. Colored pencils, maybe my favorite for their longevity. Tracing paper. Tiny sharpers for those colored pencils. Coloring books. Modeling clay. Brushes. Watercolors, Prang again. A smock. Those funny activity books with watercolors embedded into the page. No lessons. I was self taught. Perfect. I lived and live the artist's life.

Both my folks worked in this era when moms stayed home more times than not. We were not poor but a tight budget was the business of the day. Still I always had art supplies. Mom never faltered. I dedicate this show to her and her endless faithfulness. She wanted to be an interior decorator and she would have been good at it but her life took a different direction. Thanks Mom for your unflappable support. Dad did his part too. When I took off for college, Mom thought Art Education was a good fall back choice. Dad said to just go for art, that things would work out. I did both. And things have worked out.

Enjoy the show. Acrylic on board, or canvas. Vintage or repurposed frames. 
At Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery now through November 30, 2013. 
Fall gallery schedule Tuesday-Saturday 10-5
Pat & Glenn close daily for their midday lunch date.