Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grandma is 89!

Betwixt Donald & Terri's beach vacation and Emily & Marty's we traveled to South Carolina to help mom celebrate her 89th! That's amazing. We had the kids with us and they were great travelers.

We even got to stop in Raleigh and be the FIRST visitors to meet Baby Benjamin, born on 08/08/08.

That was about half way through our trip, so it provided a nice break for the kids too.

We meet up with everyone at our hotel several hours later, had some dinner and turned in. S&S&E rolled in around midnight. Edward was ready for a quick hello but changed his mind at the last minute so it was next morning before we got a chance to see fast growing Mr Ed.

And then off to the party. Cameras and photographers abounded and the pictures you see linked to this post were taken by me, Peter, Kayla & Abby.

A shower had been planned for AJ even though everyone knew they would not be there. But no one expected Baby Benjamin to arrive in time for his party even via long distance. Emily was stand in receiver of the presents.

We all sang Happy Birthday to mom and then we packed up as we wanted another visit with Benjamin and also wanted to get home not so late since I had a race Sunday morning.

Kayla and Abby rode with us to meet up with Daniel & Devon for a beach vacation and all the kids had fun watching videos and snoozing off.

Another successful birthday for Grandma!