Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sunny Ireland

Cliffs of Knockadoon. Posted by Picasa

Tide pool

Irish sealife in a tide pool. Posted by Picasa


Irish lobsterboat gets hauled up and out in a quite practical boat trailer. Posted by Picasa

New friends

Mary, in the middle, and her husband Paul have openly invited Donny & myself to visit their summer home anytime. It is on Bear Island in western County Cork. Accessible only by ferry. The group went to their home for a lovely buffet one evening. Their youngest daughter and her friends entertained us with a short play. The oldest daughter, 18, played the piano for us. On the right is our good friend Marian the librarian. She lives in County Waterford. Her husband, Patrick, is a dairy farmer. Marian is our fashion maven. Her inlaws have a decaying castle on their property in County Waterford. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 07, 2005

Irish surf

Becki, me & Bill playing in the surf Posted by Picasa

At Myrtle Grove

Donny & I on the grounds of Myrtle Grove, Raleigh's Youghal town house. Posted by Picasa

Hi Youghal

Breeda, one of our hostesses, and me in my new Irish sweater bought in Youghal but made in Turkey. All the Youghal gals were surprised that I found something so cool right under their noses. Posted by Picasa