Wednesday, July 19, 2006

By the Light

Saw you out running the other day, says a running friend waitress to me when D and I were having a long overdue dinner at our favorite restaurant. S was with you, J's wife, she continues.

Right, we're Marathonettes together.

Some other gals were with you too.

Well then you must have seen me walking, S would have been running with P. P and a group of our gal pals we workout with decided to tag along on our jog back to S's home from class. S & P forged ahead, I hung back with the power walkers.

Nope, you were both running, looking pretty good too.

Ah, that day. We were into about mile 15/16 of an 18 mile run. We were pretty tired and were doing some walking in our standard Jeff Galloway run/walk mode. We hear these gals start out for a morning walk somewhere behind us. We're moving at a nice walk pace. They're chatting and walking, typical gal stuff.

We're at the point on our run where a few single words say it all, but actually we've minced even those, we've been quiet for awhile both thinking about tired feet and cool water.

We have to run, I whisper.

I know. They're gaining on us.

Just til they're out of sight.

Yeah, we can't let them pass us.

I know.

Sheez, the things we do in the name of pride. Posted by Picasa