Friday, August 08, 2008

Camp OBX, Day 5

New kittens!
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Another up & down day. Lydia finally got her trike like Martin's. Only to have Martin's trike suffer a pedal casualty, so now camp still only has one favored trike.

The diving area of the fun pool was still closed, sharks and minnows was mildly popular and then the whole pool got closed because a bogus bolt of lightning was spotted. We say bogus because we never saw it or any more or heard any thunder.

Home for showers under duress and then off to Slice for dinner. Martin wanted absolutely no pizza and said Uncle Donald could have all of his, until we got there and he changed his mind. Donald was not buying any of the story until Martin piped up with a new line, 'I was just teasing about no pizza.' Uncle Donald liked that approach and gave Martin a thumbs up.

The pizza took a long time to cook and Lydia went shopping for itch lotion and found a new stuffed kitty.

Lights out was easy as Ninja Turtles was the movie of choice.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Camp OBX, Day 4

Today was topsy-turvy. Everyone got up too early, USA lost their first game in the Olympics, and Terri had to go home. Things could be better, things could be worse.

We DID have Uncle Donald cinnamon buns for breakfast.

We did go to mini golf while Uncle Donald took Terri to the airport. We really like mini golf but it was hot and everyone had a melt down including Grandma.

Apologies without being prompted were a good thing for all to hear and Kill Devil's saved the day. Everyone was actually tired, thirsty and hungry.

Lydia likes the chicken wrap with only the wrap and the chicken. She even had a hot fudge sundae.

Uncle Donald got home right after we did and we are all settled in for a early evening of porch play and then a movie.

Camp OBX, Day 3

Aquarium day! We watched the otters playing. We saw the divers in the shark tank and a six month old baby octopus.

Then we went to see the Elizabeth II. We helped raise the anchor and saw the games and beds. We visited the settlement and learned how to make things.

We were hungry. Grandpa met us for dinner at the Full Moon. Martin ate pizza and Lydia chicken. The corn chips were good too. And the pink lemonade.

We stopped to visit Becki and the girls and then Becki went with us to see the purple martins come in to roost on the old bridge. We got there at just the right time! The swarm was arriving!! They flew all around over our head catching just one more bug. Finally they were tired. A photographer with a cool camera let us see the birds settle into their roost under the middle of the bridge. It was too far to see unless you were in a boat. We were very lucky to get to see the flock come in for the night AND to get to see them through the special camera land on their wire.

We were very tired when we finally got home.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Camp OBX, Day 2

It was a full day of fun. Martin & Lydia and Donald & Terri and Grandma went to the beach. Lewis & Jess came later and Jess's cousins too. Martin declared that it was his best day ever at the beach.

Next stop was the fun pool. The diving pool was closed but Martin and Lydia showed all of their swimming skills off in the deep water of the lap pool.

Then a stop at Kill Devil's for dinner where Lydia ate all the chicken out of 1 and 1/2 sandwiches.

And then it was off to Jurassic Putt. Martin got a hole-in-one.

Back home Jess & Lewis had cooked a wonderful dinner of fried shrimp, corn, slaw and hush puppies for the camp counselors. Jess made raspberry lemon. The campers retired to watch a video while the counselors ate their home cooked meal.

Another successful day at camp.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Camp OBX, First Day

Martin & Lydia
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We met the kittens, we made a club house, we played in the ocean and we had dinner at Kill Devil's. Well actually Lydia got a slice of pizza from Slice and Martin got a hot dog at Kill Devil's. It was a good day.