Saturday, March 29, 2008


Right self: Throw more stuff away!

Left self: Why?

RS: It's dusty clutter.

LS: Well, if you threw everything away you would not have that tiny little notebook you found today that was Andrew's when he was seven.

RS: You mean the one where he wrote that Emily is his best friend? And they play Life together. And the 700 Club is his least favorite TV show?

LS: That's the one.

RS: It's just a dingy notebook.

LS: And look, here he writes in his scrawly seven year old printing, that what he likes most about Emily is that she lets him have a dip in her prize bag. And that math is his favorite class. And that he likes to root against E-Z For U. And that his favorite team is UNC.

RS: I'm never going to get anything thrown away. Let me see that notebook...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elite Eight

Looking good Carolina. And I guess I get to watch the games because the point spread gets even better once I settle in. Unlike Em who cannot watch because things begin to fall apart every time she does. When she was here, we had the game on the radio going to the aquarium and we would turn up the volume occasionally to catch the score and then turn it back down again. Taking NO chances.

My heel seems to be healing. Yeah!! Like Donny says, now it is hard to believe it ever hurt so badly. But it did, definitely. I broke down Monday and bought some Crocs because Cathie said her doc told her they were very good for plantar fascia and/or heel spurs. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the shoe store to discover there were Crocs that I actually liked. New styles way beyond the old regular style which did not fit me anyway. I got two pairs. My favorite is a pair of Carolina blue fur lined (that can be popped out for washing) slip ons. I wore them to yoga today.

When I got up I thought my heel was not ready even for yoga but then I decided that some yoga was better than none and since it was pillow day I went. But I am letting that count for MEE30 as I am still limping a bit.

Em called today looking for a colonial costume for Jessica, Chrissy's 9 year old. I dug in the costume closet which has not been purged yet and found the costumes I made for all of us for the 400th celebration. A bit of washing and dying brought new life to Em's costume which should fit Jessica with only a bit of altering.

Tuesday was Jenn's birthday and we tried to sing happy birthday to her but called after she had already gone to bed. That's a new mom for you! Retiring early.

Well tonight I am retiring later than usual but that is because I have gotten lots of extra sleep and no tiring workouts because of said heel.

Just got a text from a friend who is in LA visiting the grands. She wants a cranial when she gets back to town. It will be good to see her again. Her oldest daughter and Donald went to the 8th grade dance together. Just a fun piece of trivia.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh Heel

In an attempt to keep up with myself I have decided to do more posting here and so we'll see how this goes. My glorious running schedule hit an annoying snag yesterday in the form of a heel flare up. My right heel has been acting poorly off and on for about a month now, but nothing I could not work through.

Then in interval class yesterday it started hurting so badly that I had to literally stop running, which we were doing at the time, and just walk. Suzanne got me some ice although nothing was visibly swelling. And then on the next interval, after I had rested for a moment, I tried to catch up. We were doing a routine on the step and the heel hurt but was managing when boom I fell over the step not hurting anything but my pride. So I hung up my workout for the day. We were almost finished with interval anyway but I skipped yoga, which would have been good to do, because I wanted to go home and lick my wounds.

Today the heel is better. Donny put me right into my Heel That Pain soles which I always wear to class but at home I run around barefooted. He suggested I put the shoes on all day and so I did and today I am only limping a bit. Still no running or walking, so I am down a day on MEE30 but so it goes.

Donald called last night. They had just finished snorkeling with a huge turtle and were really stoked about that. They were off to dine in Waikiki a bit later.

D and I went to see Spiderwick Chronicles in Manteo tonight. It was a nice made for TV movie. On the way there we heard a piece on NPR about an experiment these guys did to put folks in a better mood. All you had to do was find and click on the smiling face on each page of the game. Surprisingly people's work success etc was far more productive and better after playing the game for x number of times, not that much but I forget the details. So if you want to pump yourself up an easy way go to MindHabits and play. It's very short.

Putting the heel to bed now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just One More

We had an Easter egg hunt with the grands last week and Em and I labeled the eggs so both M&L would have equal bounty. But we forgot to count how many even though we had a fair idea.

Once the hunt was finished and the eggs were being emptied, I started matching up eggs and counting them because we had also used equal amounts of blue eggs. pink eggs, shiny eggs etc. It seemed we were off by a few but Em reminded me that the color match up was not exact so I agreed with her that none were left behind.

Later when we went outside to jump on the trampoline we discovered an M egg in the play refrigerator. Opps! And today I found its partner L egg in the white swan. No great loss, there was plenty of M&M's and jelly beans in the original pile, even at two per egg. Just thought everyone would get a chuckle out of 'just one more.'