Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh Heel

In an attempt to keep up with myself I have decided to do more posting here and so we'll see how this goes. My glorious running schedule hit an annoying snag yesterday in the form of a heel flare up. My right heel has been acting poorly off and on for about a month now, but nothing I could not work through.

Then in interval class yesterday it started hurting so badly that I had to literally stop running, which we were doing at the time, and just walk. Suzanne got me some ice although nothing was visibly swelling. And then on the next interval, after I had rested for a moment, I tried to catch up. We were doing a routine on the step and the heel hurt but was managing when boom I fell over the step not hurting anything but my pride. So I hung up my workout for the day. We were almost finished with interval anyway but I skipped yoga, which would have been good to do, because I wanted to go home and lick my wounds.

Today the heel is better. Donny put me right into my Heel That Pain soles which I always wear to class but at home I run around barefooted. He suggested I put the shoes on all day and so I did and today I am only limping a bit. Still no running or walking, so I am down a day on MEE30 but so it goes.

Donald called last night. They had just finished snorkeling with a huge turtle and were really stoked about that. They were off to dine in Waikiki a bit later.

D and I went to see Spiderwick Chronicles in Manteo tonight. It was a nice made for TV movie. On the way there we heard a piece on NPR about an experiment these guys did to put folks in a better mood. All you had to do was find and click on the smiling face on each page of the game. Surprisingly people's work success etc was far more productive and better after playing the game for x number of times, not that much but I forget the details. So if you want to pump yourself up an easy way go to MindHabits and play. It's very short.

Putting the heel to bed now.

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