Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's Party Donald & Terri style

THE cake
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One wedding = one celebration party. Lewis pulled an all nighter on Thursday getting the cake (vanilla with strawberry filling, chocolate with chocolate filling, lemon with lemon filling) just right for the Saturday bash. When I got up at 4:30AM to go running he was putting the finishing touches on the top layer.

Dana, Joe & Luke made it after a blow out on the road and a never ending wait to get new tires put on and balanced. Granne made it thanks to Marty riding his bike leaving a space in the car for her. Emily and the kids planned to meet Julie and Mom in Yorktown for the transfer but got stalled in Northern Virginia traffic and found themselves hours late. Not to worry , Mom & Julie took the time to shop at Costco. Andrew, Jenn & Benjamin had an uneventful trip from Raleigh Friday evening as did Stephen, Sarah & Edward from Durham. And thus the families were assembled.

Saturday brought breakfast brunch compliments of Becki; buckets of dazzling fall flowers at every turn thanks to good friend Dorothy Morris and her amazing Blooms to Your Door; a photo session with photographer guru J Aaron Trotman aka Jim; a celebration ceremony (photos of that to come) complete with Lydia as flower girl wearing a dress her great-great grandmother made and carrying a handmade willow basket our neighbor made decorated with ribbons from Donald's bassinet (which also decorated the cake knife), Martin as ring bearer, Becki as impromptu pianist providing a traditional processional & recessional & Dana as impromptu maid of honor; a sit down dinner for twenty-six at the long, long table with good eats by Food Dudes, Donny & Bill, and Kelly's; and a quality sing-a-long to round out one full delightful day.

Babies were passed from willing arms to more willing arms throughout the weekend, the trampoline got a good workout, the porch riding circuit was in full swing and Rock Band II in the new pub room a smash hit.

Congrats Donald & Terri!!!

Gonna Get Married

Terri & Donald
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Freshly engaged in late June, Donald & Terri danced through a mini-series of elopement ideas finally settling on getting the paper work completed on the Outer Banks two days prior to their celebration party.
The magistrate (long time friend Phil Ruckle) arrived a week early and then on countdown day, 10.09.08 (not selected on purpose but awesomely cool nevertheless), he forgot and had to be rounded up.

Terri's folks, Bud & Amy, arrived on schedule the day before. We were still doing a lot of last minute cleaning up. Friend Suzanne was helping out and laughed and said that she felt like she was on one of those redecorating shows when I reported that Bud & Amy would be here in thirty minutes.

The weather behaved for a waterfront ceremony on the brand new dock. In attendance were both sets of parents plus wedding and celebration cake baker as well as on the spot photographer, Lewis.

Dinner at Colington Cafe hosted by the Onstads and Portal cake dessert provided by Lewis (which was not actually cut into until Friday evening because we were all pretty tired and full) completed a memorable day.