Monday, March 16, 2009

Edward & Me

I had my first job as Granny Nanny for Edward recently and it was so much fun. Mom Sarah was scheduled to have her gall bladder removed and I was on first shift. Donny planned to arrive a few days later after getting his major Bayside tasks accomplished. And Sarah's folks were picking up the second half of Sarah's no lifting for one week recovery period.

I arrived in Durham Wednesday evening and got instructions on Edward's eating schedule and menu. Stephen & Sarah were due at the patient center by 8AM. They said Edward would be up around 6:30 or 7 and they would get his breakfast going and I could finish up.

The next morning I let them have their last family moments before popping into the kitchen to take over. Edward was in the midst of breakfast and I eased into position to continue. As they were leaving the house Stephen told me this was the first time both of them had left Edward at the same time. I felt very honored to be a part of this rite of passage. Edward, with a little help from me, finished up his breakfast of cottage cheese and applesauce with a few Rice Chex for munching.

Edward loves his food and it was gone in a flash. We tidied up and checked out the toys. It was a beautiful sunny day and we wandered onto the deck. He loved this. I adjusted the plant containers so they formed a barrier between him and the rail and also provided great hand holds for this almost solo walking boy. He played and played and played. Walking from one end of his 'garden' to the other. He tried a dirt sample but found it to be lacking. He weeded and tilled and weeded some more. He moved handfuls of dirt from one pot to the next and back again. I did some yoga poses, push ups, V-sits and crunches.

Then it was time for morning nap. We washed up, fixed a bottle and headed to the glider in his room. We snuggled in and before long one tired boy was out like a light. I couldn't put him down he was snuggled so deep in my arm (well I could but I did not want to). So we glided and drifted for about an hour. Then the phone rang and he popped awake but he was probably ready anyway. Sarah said he was phasing out his morning nap.

We were having a marathon practice walking session in the hallway when Grandpa McKay popped in to check on us. We assured him that we were fine and he left to help out a neighbor.

We played some more on the deck and then it was time for lunch. Stephen had said he would be home by lunch but left instructions just in case. Sarah had prepared Edward's most favorite of all, Indian food, and so we were fine. After lunch we tooled around toyland and practiced walking some more. Stephen called to report on Sarah and check on us. Completely fine we assured him.

Before long it was time for afternoon nap. I had no instructions here so we started with a water bottle but it was not well received, so we mixed a small amount of formula and settled into our glider. Soon sweet Edward was again drifting off snuggled in the crook of my arm. I really wanted to keep holding him again but knew the afternoon nap was more important and he needed to stretch out. Just as I was putting him into his crib, Stephen came in. But Edward only stirred, he slumbered on. Later after she got home Sarah told me that I was lucky to get a slumbering moment with Mr Edward. She said he never fell asleep when anyone was holding him.

And thus ended my first Granny Nanny moments with the real sparkling Edward.