Friday, February 13, 2009

North to Vermont

Fireplace room
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Friday February 6, 2009

It was an easy enough trip but long and our upgrade to the fireplace room was a welcome sight. We arrive around 9pm Friday evening after leaving home at about the same time in the am. Lewis has just gotten in from work at Wicked Good. We meet JJ (housemate) & Squeaks. They both work ski patrol with Lauren and also at Wicked Good. Squeaks (Justin) is delivery guy.

Saturday morning sees us sleeping in until around 10 and then heading to town for lunch and a look around. Ludlow proper is two main streets, one with homes and one with small town businesses, that are perpendicular to the mountain, the money business of Ludlow. Three cross streets and that's it. Railroad tracks and a stream bracket the two streets, Main and Pleasant. Actually the stream bisects the two streets. It is very pretty and the town had quaint walking bridges where needed.

Lewis and the gals live on Pleasant Street near Elm and it is a quick walk to Main and the influx of small businesses. Katelyn tells us to try American Pie for good pizza, even though Wicked Good is just across the street. The consensus among the gang is that WG is good but AP is the best.

We wander in to AP and order, taking time to get to know the owner and his wife. Nine years next Wednesday they have been putting pies on the plates of hungry customers. They never borrowed a dime to start the shop but relied on give aways for the decor and starting small. They cook the pizzas in a beautiful wood fired brick oven. Yum indeed.

We wander down Main St and get some coffee from Dunkin' Donuts inside the Mobile gas station. Several rows of convenience items sit idle while customers, skiers and locals, are lined up almost out the door for donuts and coffee. Donny figures someone miscalculated the popularity of the coffee & donuts.

Back home we get more settled in and Lewis arrives from work. We discuss dinner and decide on taco soup at home since he has made fresh sour dough bread as well as guacamole. We need a few things for the soup and a lime for the guacamole plus we decide that getting our equipment now will make more sense than tomorrow, so we head out.

It is cold but we know and understand not really that cold for Vermont in February. We are pretty glad for the forecast heatwave coming along in the next few days.

Dinner is perfect after which Lewis reviews our borrowed ski clothing and with a few additions from him deems it acceptable for our first time ever skiing. Feeney is on her way back from her grandfather's funeral in upper state NY and we manage to stay awake until she gets in, not really that late at all.