Saturday, June 11, 2011

At Sea

First full day at sea, June 12, 2010. It's a day to explore the ship. First thing after breakfast we find the Bistro on the Boulevard which has great coffee. Throughout the trip it becomes one of our primary meeting spots.

Deirdre and I get a Monkey Head drink. We're on a cruise ship. It's supposed to be dorky fun. After hanging around the pool a bit, we decide to go for mini-golf. We get our equipment on the pool deck and Monkeys in hand we head for the upper most deck where the mini-golf course and the track are both located.

The entire group is on this adventure. It's fun but hot. We're in the blazing Caribbean sun. After one round, we're done. We're just about the only crazy people out here. Lauren starts juggling the golf balls. She's pretty good. Colleen tosses another ball to Lauren who missed the cue, and the ball. It goes s-a-i-l-i-n-g overboard. We are in the middle of the deck too, not near the edge at all. John & Linda roll their eyes. They're fun loving folks and always up for a good laugh, but tossing golf balls into the brink on our first day out is just slightly over the top. "I didn't know it would go that far," sighed Colleen getting another parent eye roll.

Our dining room is the Celebration Room. Casual resort dress the norm. Throughout the cruise, we do things in small groups, eating breakfast and lunch at any of the outside grills that offer all kinds of international foods and then all coming together for our evening meal.

The rest of our first day at sea we get our bearings, find short cuts to most things and just play around. Donny & I are celebrating our 41st anniversary just a bit late, it's officially on June 7th.

Every night we find a different towel animal decorating our beds. We never use them. They are too cute. By the end of the voyage we have a nice menagerie.