Monday, August 31, 2009

Camp OBX Day 14, August 9 2009

Breakfast at any hotel is always an adventure. So many things to sample! Em & Mom are headed north where Star will meet them in Fredericksburg. He & Mom will continue on the Reedville and Em DC.

M, L, D & myself head east and plan to stop at the Pocosin Lakes Wildlife Refuge. We want to go on the nature trail. We ran out of time when we stopped here yesterday on our first of two scheduled stops. The day is hot and M is unimpressed with the walk until he spots a beautiful snake in the water. We had stopped to photo a spider web or we would have missed it. D & L took the path going in the other direction. When we get back to the beginning we do not see D & L and so we walk over to town thinking they may have gone that way. We finally call them and find them waiting back at the start. They join us in town and we have a very nice lunch and find out about the wolf howling on Wednesday's. We want to go!

We shop a bit, L get a bird house and M and booklet on sharks.

Then we finish our trip to home. We have just arrived and unloaded when new campers arrive. It is Stacy, Pete, Cade, Blake, Wythe and Jake who gets to come back for more than a day's worth of camp.

Signing Off for the day from Camp OBX

Camp OBX Day 13, August 8 2009

Road trip day for the entire camp! It's B's birthday and we're all going to his party. It takes two cars to handle us all.

It is also last day at camp for Donald & Terri & S, also Granne, and Auntie Em. That's a lot of campers leaving.

We load up our cars and head west. We have scheduled two breaks for the travelers. The first is in Columbia at the rest stop and nature walk. The second is in Williamston for a Bojangle's lunch to go. We arrive in Raleigh in the early afternoon. The Bergers are already there, John & Donna, Mike & Jackie. The birthday boy is sleeping, the party food ready.

First Birthday for Mr B!!

It is a fine party and we surprise Mom by getting Adam & Kim and H in from Roanoke so that all of her greats are together at one time! We did not tell her they were coming until they arrived and we really did surprise her.

Towards early evening we give good bye hugs and kisses all around. We take Kim & Adam & H to dinner and see them safely on the road back to VA. We are staying over at the Holiday Inn Express so that Em's drive to DC will be easier. DT are staying at AJ's as their flight to Nashville is a Sunday morning one. Andrew will chauffeur them to the airport.

Good Night from the Camp OBX Roving Reporter

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Camp OBX Day 12, August 7 2009

It's a day for hanging out and doing typical camp activities. An art class here, a child class there, a nap or two depending on your age, a chess class on the porch, a kayak trip to the marshes, a bit of TV time, a tad of swimming in the cool of the afternoon, and finally a stop at Kill Devil's for dinner and ice cream.

S gets his first visit to the ocean. He is intrigued as only an almost 3 month old can be. He is now a full fledged beach baby.

Early to bed for campers. Road trip tomorrow!

Good Night ♡

Camp OBX Day 11, August 6 2009

Sam likes Shark Week! He gets extra attention.

Campers have not been to the real beach this week, the water report is cold and bugs always show up when the wind is out of the south. A viewing of Prince Caspian and general hanging out win the day.

S meets Vickie the best mail lady ever. She pampers us!

L, Mom & I go to a girls jewelry party. I suggest the gals buy something and they oblige. Mom picks her favorite ring and turns out it is the newest in the Silpada line. That's my mom, fashion queen! L picks two necklaces and a ring. Then she buys something for Emily. Shannon is kind enough to let us take the items home for instant gratification. This pleases the gals.

Back home L & I wrap her mom's present and put it where she will find it when she arrives later.

Lauren & Kelly arrive to meet up with Lewis who has dined with us.

Much later Auntie Em arrives. She gets to meet S as he is conveniently up for a feeding. Love at first sight.

Kisses and hugs from Camp OBX

Camp OBX Day 10, August 5 2009

It's a big day at camp. Great Granne arrives all the way from Virginia! We have found a great driver for her trip who even uses Mom's car so the expense is very reasonable.

M practices some more with the melody harp. More games of Pirates factor into the day. The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe is the movie of the afternoon, in Blu Ray of course. Lydia declares Blu Ray viewing, 'SO bright!'

We opt for dinner pizza at Slice and met Lewis there. Lauren is working her shift. After dinner M&L get a tour of the lifeguard truck. It's a good mini field trip.

Good Evening from Camp OBX

Camp OBX Day 9, August 4 2009

It's last camp day for E. He meets Sam the shark and enjoys a casual floor breakfast before heading home with his folks in tow.

S has his first pool swimming lesson. He's beginning to get the hang of the idea. His back float is awesome.

Camp Roller Racers have arrived and the porch 24 hour track is open. Uncle Donald teaches a gaming course using the newly acquired Pirates on the High Seas. So many new things at camp.

Another glorious sunset closes out our camp day.

A toast to you from Camp OBX

Camp OBX Day 8, August 3 2009

A very busy day at camp. It's Shark Week on Discovery Channel and M is excited. Uncle Lewis stops by to meet and tag Sea Bass with his official nickname.

E continues with his rhythm band practice. The silver coffee service is perfect!

M gets hot from running on the porch and Uncles Lewis and Stephen turn him into a pink worm wiggly to help cool him down.

The Hide & Seek Club gets in a few rounds of the game.

In the late afternoon everyone goes for a dip in the bay. S is pretty okay with it. E is our natural water bug. M gets a kayaking lesson and learns that he actually likes the sport and is good at it.

Sunset appetizers on the porch compliment savory wine to sip. And then dinner at the grand table.

A late night session of Villa Paletti brings out the champion edge to the counselors. Never has a taller tower been built with so many blocks on the tip top. And tip the top did but not before six made it all the way up.

Sweet Slumbers from Camp OBX