Sunday, August 30, 2009

Camp OBX Day 11, August 6 2009

Sam likes Shark Week! He gets extra attention.

Campers have not been to the real beach this week, the water report is cold and bugs always show up when the wind is out of the south. A viewing of Prince Caspian and general hanging out win the day.

S meets Vickie the best mail lady ever. She pampers us!

L, Mom & I go to a girls jewelry party. I suggest the gals buy something and they oblige. Mom picks her favorite ring and turns out it is the newest in the Silpada line. That's my mom, fashion queen! L picks two necklaces and a ring. Then she buys something for Emily. Shannon is kind enough to let us take the items home for instant gratification. This pleases the gals.

Back home L & I wrap her mom's present and put it where she will find it when she arrives later.

Lauren & Kelly arrive to meet up with Lewis who has dined with us.

Much later Auntie Em arrives. She gets to meet S as he is conveniently up for a feeding. Love at first sight.

Kisses and hugs from Camp OBX

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