Sunday, August 30, 2009

Camp OBX Day 8, August 3 2009

A very busy day at camp. It's Shark Week on Discovery Channel and M is excited. Uncle Lewis stops by to meet and tag Sea Bass with his official nickname.

E continues with his rhythm band practice. The silver coffee service is perfect!

M gets hot from running on the porch and Uncles Lewis and Stephen turn him into a pink worm wiggly to help cool him down.

The Hide & Seek Club gets in a few rounds of the game.

In the late afternoon everyone goes for a dip in the bay. S is pretty okay with it. E is our natural water bug. M gets a kayaking lesson and learns that he actually likes the sport and is good at it.

Sunset appetizers on the porch compliment savory wine to sip. And then dinner at the grand table.

A late night session of Villa Paletti brings out the champion edge to the counselors. Never has a taller tower been built with so many blocks on the tip top. And tip the top did but not before six made it all the way up.

Sweet Slumbers from Camp OBX

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