Monday, August 24, 2009

Camp OBX Day 7, August 2 2009

It is trip recovery and get acquainted day at camp. And this is what we do. Everyone wants a turn at holding S and DT are happy to let us get our fill.

In the afternoon M, L & I take in G-Force (no one else seems to want to go, cannot imagine). Martin later tells his mom that going to a movie is a camp first. I'm pretty sure we went to a movie in Manteo a few years back but maybe not. When we get out of the movie it has rained buckets, to borrow from an old expression that paints a pretty good picture. Without thinking, I take the beach road home. Mistake! It is so flooded and the tourists want to keep slowing to an almost stop in the inches deep water that completely covers the road. It really is not that flooded, as those of us that depend on Colington Road to go anywhere know, but it still is pretty impressive. And deep enough to maybe stall a car IF you stop. Still we get out without mishap and the kids love the spray we kick up. The tourists behind me finally figure out why I head to the center of the road when there is no on coming traffic (high road=less water) and follow suit.

It is a full camp. All cousins present save B who went to the mountains. And we'll all see him soon at his birthday party.

Happy Camp!

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