Monday, August 24, 2009

Camp OBX Day 3, July 29 2009

Camp guests have arrived in the night! Beth, Bernie & Nathaniel all the way from South Carolina.

Next morning M immediately puts Nathaniel to work constructing Legos.

Later we journey out to the aquarium. L loves the aquarium but is very interested in getting to the gift shop. When we do, both campers conveniently forget that the rule from home is 'no more stuffed animals.' L is usually the major purchaser here but M tops her with a huge shark (sorry E&M but the other shark option was too small to consider, his teeth were just....wrong) purchase. He did not whine when I first said probably not to such a large acquisition knowing how much trouble I was going to be in (although I did not get the directive directly, these things have been discussed). But I could not go with the measly other shark choice so I ponied up. We also bought a giant turtle for B's first birthday present. And L added to her snake collection.

B's turtle ended up with lots of good karma. We all took turns carrying him. And he got a dusting of powdered sugar from a shared funnel cake at the outdoor cafe when the wind whipped up.

A great camp day!

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