Monday, August 24, 2009

Camp OBX Day 1, July 27 2009

We run a first class operation here at Camp OBX. We pick up our two primary campers from their northern Virginia home, after a never ending ride through rain storms and traffic jam after traffic jam. But this provides us with a fine opportunity to see M&L's enormous trophies for Most Improved Swimmer on their summer league swim team. And all of their ribbons for well swum events. First year for both!

The return trip to camp next day is fun. We stop in Richmond at Whole Foods to get a new supply of Donny's favorite yogurt, Libertè, and lunch to go. iphone games make the rest of the trip a quick one.

At dinner L comments, 'This is a really nice dinner,' as she views the sun setting over the water.

Camp is off to a good start!

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