Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mr E
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Stephen, Sarah & Edward joined us for Thanksgiving weekend and it was a lot of fun! They arrived Thursday afternoon in plenty of time for a dusk dinner. Earlier in the week I baked an Alton Brown coconut cake that turned out so well, plus a pumpkin pie, cherry pie and lemon chess pie.

Thanksgiving Day Donny roasted the turkey on the Primo grill. I made Mother Leigh rolls, fresh cranberry jelly (which we forgot to put out), Cook's Illustrated garlic & butter steamed green beans, and another Cook's recipe of baked brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes. To this we added our traditionals; home made Pepperidge Farms stuffing, mashed potatoes, and Donald's turkey drippings gravy.

We toasted with bubbly, dined with a fine Chardonnay and started our desserts with Neige, a French dessert cider. Jess was going to eat with us but ended up stopping by for a quick after dinner hello instead.

Edward was awake for dinner and after his much eying of the food Stephen offered him a green bean to suck on which was well received and then a sweet potato slice to taste which was also well received. His first food at his first Thanksgiving.

Lewis called to report that his dinner was a resounding success. He was Top Chef and the gals filled the gaps.

We all retired early, after a very fun and full filling day!