Saturday, April 05, 2008

Patiently Waiting

In my sorting travels I came across this card among the History of Andrew papers and pictures. It was still in the original envelope and I guess that is what warranted a look see as I was not being that thorough in my sorting the wheat from the chafe.

There inside a Christmas card from Granddaddy & Beatrice (this automatically dates the card to it least 15 years ago as Granddaddy, now deceased, went through 2 more wives) waiting to be acknowledged was this snappy $20 bill.

I'm figuring the patient bill was never used because there was a thank-you note involved that most likely never got written. And Andrew (twenty-something) ,was really good at writing a great thank-you note too, as were the rest. The Mom policy in those formative years was you can have your money after you write the note.

I think the collective, all five now adults, is probably glad they are beyond the reach of that policy now.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our weather changed from balmy to bad over the weekend but it made for good reading time. I continue to make progress in the BIG clean-up and out. For me it takes time to think it through.

Some things which seem useless are worth a second chance. For example we have this wooden elephant that has sat on the upstairs lamp stand for years. It has round discs that you stack in some type of game format on the elephant's back but they have only been used as shims to keep the attic access closed tightly for who knows how long. Gotta go I reasoned, we have a new attic access now, no need for the shim substitutes and how do you play the game anyway? But before tossing it in the thrift store pile, I decided to check on line and actually found the rules to the game on this all things elephant website. You roll dice to determine how many discs get stacked until someone topples the stack. It will be fun to play with M & L since it is basically a counting game and by using two (or more) dice instead of the suggested one, the stack should tumble quickly. Another bonus, a short game!

A very cute read is Flush by Carl Hiassen. It's a kids book but don't let that stop you. It is his usual fast pace and snappy to read type plot.

Cute Overload is a favorite website to check in with and today was no exception. There is an artist in all of us.