Saturday, April 05, 2008

Patiently Waiting

In my sorting travels I came across this card among the History of Andrew papers and pictures. It was still in the original envelope and I guess that is what warranted a look see as I was not being that thorough in my sorting the wheat from the chafe.

There inside a Christmas card from Granddaddy & Beatrice (this automatically dates the card to it least 15 years ago as Granddaddy, now deceased, went through 2 more wives) waiting to be acknowledged was this snappy $20 bill.

I'm figuring the patient bill was never used because there was a thank-you note involved that most likely never got written. And Andrew (twenty-something) ,was really good at writing a great thank-you note too, as were the rest. The Mom policy in those formative years was you can have your money after you write the note.

I think the collective, all five now adults, is probably glad they are beyond the reach of that policy now.


~Miranda~ said...

I have something for you Sandy, check out my blog!

fiftypercent3s said...

Wow, money leftovers!