Monday, August 24, 2009

Camp OBX Day 4, July 30 2009

Camp is filled with guests! Sarah, Theo & Peter, also from SC, arrived the previous evening and this morning during breakfast Robert, Diane & Jake arrive from Richmond. It is going to be a busy day at camp. Water activities include ball wars with the giant hamster balls, water pistol face offs, kayaking, playing with our newly refurbished rowboat that we bought at auction for $25 in Maine years ago, and occasionally swimming.

That evening we have a celebration birthday dinner for Beth including a candle ladened cake.

A hearty game of Risk sees Theo victorious. All three competitors have never played Risk before so it was an interesting game to watch. A handful of us played Quibbler, a birthday gift, with Beth. Conversation and good company serve the rest.

All guests to the house are intrigued by our crown book shelving that runs the perimeter of every room. It is such a great way to store your games, books, treasures, and see it all in a glance. Nathaniel is happy to note that we are Terry Pratchett fans.

Stifled yawns, we are reluctant to end the day, guide us all to bed.

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