Monday, August 31, 2009

Camp OBX Day 13, August 8 2009

Road trip day for the entire camp! It's B's birthday and we're all going to his party. It takes two cars to handle us all.

It is also last day at camp for Donald & Terri & S, also Granne, and Auntie Em. That's a lot of campers leaving.

We load up our cars and head west. We have scheduled two breaks for the travelers. The first is in Columbia at the rest stop and nature walk. The second is in Williamston for a Bojangle's lunch to go. We arrive in Raleigh in the early afternoon. The Bergers are already there, John & Donna, Mike & Jackie. The birthday boy is sleeping, the party food ready.

First Birthday for Mr B!!

It is a fine party and we surprise Mom by getting Adam & Kim and H in from Roanoke so that all of her greats are together at one time! We did not tell her they were coming until they arrived and we really did surprise her.

Towards early evening we give good bye hugs and kisses all around. We take Kim & Adam & H to dinner and see them safely on the road back to VA. We are staying over at the Holiday Inn Express so that Em's drive to DC will be easier. DT are staying at AJ's as their flight to Nashville is a Sunday morning one. Andrew will chauffeur them to the airport.

Good Night from the Camp OBX Roving Reporter

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