Saturday, March 29, 2008


Right self: Throw more stuff away!

Left self: Why?

RS: It's dusty clutter.

LS: Well, if you threw everything away you would not have that tiny little notebook you found today that was Andrew's when he was seven.

RS: You mean the one where he wrote that Emily is his best friend? And they play Life together. And the 700 Club is his least favorite TV show?

LS: That's the one.

RS: It's just a dingy notebook.

LS: And look, here he writes in his scrawly seven year old printing, that what he likes most about Emily is that she lets him have a dip in her prize bag. And that math is his favorite class. And that he likes to root against E-Z For U. And that his favorite team is UNC.

RS: I'm never going to get anything thrown away. Let me see that notebook...

1 comment:

Kid Art said...


You know we have been purging heavily, but those are the kinds of things that have to stay!

Especially since I am Andrew's best friend!