Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Camp OBX, Day 3

Aquarium day! We watched the otters playing. We saw the divers in the shark tank and a six month old baby octopus.

Then we went to see the Elizabeth II. We helped raise the anchor and saw the games and beds. We visited the settlement and learned how to make things.

We were hungry. Grandpa met us for dinner at the Full Moon. Martin ate pizza and Lydia chicken. The corn chips were good too. And the pink lemonade.

We stopped to visit Becki and the girls and then Becki went with us to see the purple martins come in to roost on the old bridge. We got there at just the right time! The swarm was arriving!! They flew all around over our head catching just one more bug. Finally they were tired. A photographer with a cool camera let us see the birds settle into their roost under the middle of the bridge. It was too far to see unless you were in a boat. We were very lucky to get to see the flock come in for the night AND to get to see them through the special camera land on their wire.

We were very tired when we finally got home.

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