Friday, August 08, 2008

Camp OBX, Day 5

New kittens!
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Another up & down day. Lydia finally got her trike like Martin's. Only to have Martin's trike suffer a pedal casualty, so now camp still only has one favored trike.

The diving area of the fun pool was still closed, sharks and minnows was mildly popular and then the whole pool got closed because a bogus bolt of lightning was spotted. We say bogus because we never saw it or any more or heard any thunder.

Home for showers under duress and then off to Slice for dinner. Martin wanted absolutely no pizza and said Uncle Donald could have all of his, until we got there and he changed his mind. Donald was not buying any of the story until Martin piped up with a new line, 'I was just teasing about no pizza.' Uncle Donald liked that approach and gave Martin a thumbs up.

The pizza took a long time to cook and Lydia went shopping for itch lotion and found a new stuffed kitty.

Lights out was easy as Ninja Turtles was the movie of choice.

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