Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camp OBX Day 17, August 12 2009

It's last day for the cousins from Richmond. We all go to the beach save Jake & Donny. It is another good bogey board day and Martin makes yet another personal discovery. Bogey boarding is easy and fun.

After dips in Lake Atlantic and much sand digging it is time for eats. M & L and I need to make a quick stop at K-Mart. M needs Megatron to do battle with his Optimus Prime Transformer he got yesterday. L gets one more FurReal, another but different little kitty.

We go to Kill Devil's for our usual fare, plain grilled chicken wrap for L, hot dog for M and of course ice cream sundaes.

At home the Richmond gang is packing up and prepping for an evening ride home when traffic is more manageable. We bid adieu and truck off to Slice, just the four of us.

Just a few more days before Camp OBX 2009 is officially over!

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