Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camp OBX Day 16, August 11 2009

Stacy & Pete have taken their troops to the aquarium and a romp on Jockey's Ridge. Jake stays home but decides to join M & L & myself in a game of mini-golf. Everyone gets a hole in one! Can't ask for much better than that.

After our game hunger sets in and we decide to head off to Kill Devil's for some summer time fun food. But first we want to stop at the K-Mart to shop, another camp regular attraction that has yet to be checked off of the list. M gets General Grievous and L a FurReal pet parrot. Jake finds a cd for his dad. And a huge reading book. He says it is a gift to his mom, she will be very excited that he is reading a tome.

Donny is on his way to the Y to see Lewis' basketball game and will meet us at the fun pool to bring bathing suits so we can take a dip in the fun pool. When we get there it has closed for thunder but will reopen in 30 minutes. Time enough for us to slip back to the K-Mart, Jake has bought the wrong decade cd set. It's an okay set but not his dads' favorite decade. Jake gets the new cd, I tell him to keep the other and now he has gifts for both folks. M gets a Transformer that he has been eying. L gets another FurReal pet, this time a little kitty.

Back at the fun pool, it has reopened and we are practically the only ones there. Donny comes by, the game was good. Lewis played well.

Soon it is home time.

Another daily report from Camp OBX

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