Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camp OBX Day 18, August 13 2009

We have a few days before the last hooray at Camp OBX. It is time to do some grocery shopping. Everyone gets to go. Small person sized carts always make for a good grocery time.

Camp administrator, Donny has gotten the spiffy new, more pixels and definitely water proof, camera he ordered today and is very pleased that it is just as perfect as he intended.

I have fixed an old Transformers tape that had come off its reel and the kids are truly impressed. I have done this many times before but not for awhile. We were always having to fix broken videos when the guys were younger. Not too complicated but it has taken me a few days to discern exactly how this particular one fit back together, always a challenge. The retaping to the reel is the easy part. Keeping up with a tab, a gear and a spring and where each goes can be smooth or frustrating. Two days of frustration and finally success with a snap back together.

Good Night from Miss Fix-It at Camp OBX.

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