Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camp OBX Day 19, August 14 2009

Emily has arrived in the night! Yipee, we love Parent's Days at camp.

Shopping for school clothes is on the schedule. M is less than enthused but chooses to go. While L & Em empty Gymboree, M & I explore shark's teeth at Michael's Gems and Glass. Some are $500+ and are thousands of years old. M picks two much more reasonably priced and we negotiate getting them and paying. We have to attract the one saleslady's attention to unlock the case (the store is packed) and then wait while she checks out other customers in line to pay back at the counter before we can escape with our treasures, a Great White tooth and a Mako.

Of course, L wants a shark's tooth too when she sees M's so it's back to Michael's to repeat the whole thing.

When we get home we mix up kid in a bubble solution and find that it works pretty well despite having to make do without glycerin which is the key factor to a sturdy bubble.

It's early supper and to bed for campers. More cousins arrive tomorrow!

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