Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camp OBX Session 2, Day 3

Just a rocking
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Today we went to Art Glass n Fire to glaze some things to keep forever. It was FUN! And in only two days the kiln will be cool and we can get our new things and take them home. We worked hard glazing and then we went to Garden Deli for lunch.

After lunch we went to Front Porch for a sprinkle cookie. Lydia took a mini photography workshop while Martin finished his cookie. She learned about the macro button. Back at camp, Lydia changed to go swimming and Martin decided to play Mario Party.

Uncle Lewis said it was not a good beach day for kids. It was too windy. He was right. So it was more time at the Fun Pool. The pool water was warm but the air cool.

At dinner time everyone played or watched Mario Party. Uncle Lewis let the computer take his turn. Martin won with 4 STARS!!!

Another very busy day at camp.

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