Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Camp OBX Session 2, Day 2

Today we had breakfast on the go, ice cream sandwiches and apples. We were rushing to get to the monument and in line to climb to the top before the line got too long.

We made it! And climbed all 142 steep twisty stairs by ourselves, no carrying allowed. Lydia led the way up. Five were in our group. Only one group at a time can climb to the top and down again. Even with a short line it took a long time to get to the front and start our climb!

It was very awesome at the top. We could see the ocean and our car. Next we played on the Wright flyer sculpture and had lunch at Kill Devil's. Then we went home to play Mario Party. We learned how to play it all by ourselves. Martin won.

Later we went to the beach to see Uncle Lewis on his lifeguard stand. We played in the silly surf, then we went to the pool and stayed until it closed. Then we watched Uncle Lewis win his basketball game in overtime. Lydia got to get warm in the hot tub during part of the basketball game.

We had late dinner and watched part of a movie.

It was a BIG day at camp.

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