Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camp OBX Session 2, Day 5

Today is blitz day. We have a lot of things to do. First, we skip Kill Devil's for lunch since it is too close, then we try Big Al's but there are too many people, then we look at Poor Richard's but we do not like anything on the menu. Finally, we stop at Full Moon and it is just right.

Refreshed, we look at the Boat Shop and see a boat being build just like one we can build at camp next year.

Then we go to Art Glass n Fire and pick up our finished things.

The Christmas Shop is next. Is this ever a cool place. We can not decide what to look at first. Everything is so beautiful. Every room is so wonderful. 'Just like Santa's home,' declares Martin. We meet writer Suzanne Tate. She is restocking her books.

We leave Manteo and head for the beach. We stop at Cloud 9 so Lydia can make a necklace.

Now we are ready to do some swimming. We stop at the pool. Martin jumps in and almost immediately swims 50 meters with only a small stop at the turn.

Then he decides to try the slide. He is tall enough, he does not even need to take the swim test. He LOVES the slide. We play and play.

Then we take a shower and go to Jockey's Ridge to see the sunset and the castle. 'It is like Tatooine here,' says Martin. There are lots of people. People flying kites, playing with their dogs, jumping and running.

Finally we go home and have dinner while we play Mario Party mini-games.

A very full day at camp!

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