Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mr & Mrs Reynolds

Adam & Kim
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It was a perfect day (we writers always say that, but it was)! Threats of thunderstorms held off until evening (but did the sky ever open up then with a huge downpour, hail and power outages) and so the beach was in its glory. Just enough surf added the ideal backdrop to the pictures.

The ceremony was held on Mom's private beach and the use of neighboring stone steps to reach the sand provided the perfect entrance for a barefoot bride and groom.

David did a stellar job on the gals hair giving the casual wedding just the right touch of elegance.

Adam & Kim's two year old daughter, Harlee, was the cutest attendant in her long Hawaiian print dress. She is definitely a beach gal seizing every opportunity throughout the weekend to get there, although that sand in her shoes is a complete annoyance.

The buffet tent that Grady & Diana got at BJ's was right on the money too, adding a special sparkle. That coupled with the cloth covered tables decorated with lilies and glass pebbles of blue hues made for a comfortable and relaxing lawn reception.

Congratulations to the bride and groom actually renewing vows from their Las Vegas wedding on Kim's birthday two years ago.

My favorite part? I loved it all, but Kim bringing the beautiful cake that she baked and decorated the night before to the reception tent was the best of the casual chic day.

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