Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome Edward!

Edward Dyott Ball named for his maternal great-grandfather, sharing his middle name with Dad, Stephen, joined us in this world May 29 at 3:44pm. They picked the name knowing that oodles of nicknames come with the territory. My favorites so far are CubED from Donny and IncrEDible from a friend. He is adorableness packaged to go. He is adjusting well to his new surroundings not minding a bit being held and cooed over.

"He doesn't look like a newborn," was Great-Aunt Beth's comment. Sarah and I agree. He is not the least bit wrinkly or squashed looking. He is absolute perfection.

He weighed 7lb8oz and is 20" long. He has reddish hair and long piano playing fingers.

After Stephen found out that visiting hours for newborns did not exist, we hopped in the car and arrived in at Durham Regional about 11pm. It took a few minutes for us to find the night entrance, aka Emergency, and then our floor but we finally negotiated the maze. We had a really nice visit and left for home shortly after midnight, our choice, as we dropped everything to zip to Durham and thus left much undone on the Bayside School Services front. AJ offered accommodations at their home and S&S told us to go crash at their place. Sweet kids.

More cuteness and fun comments on Stephen's blog.

I'm ready for another visit already!

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BOBXNC said...

Very handsome. I like incrEDiBall as a nickname. Congrats.
Good to see you at the airport