Friday, June 13, 2008

Two Week Birthday

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Happy Birthday, Edward. Two weeks old!

We had a really nice visit and everyone except Stephen even got a nap. Sarah got the best one yet, she declared. It was a comfort to her to know that Stephen had ready back-up in case he needed an extra pair of arms or legs to walk the baby and so she settled in for a one hour nap.

I loved it when Edward slouched himself sideways in my arms and tucked up his little feet into that cute fetal position and promptly went to sleep. He was doing some unwinding most likely. On he slept and I gave him to Donny after a good while and still he slept. He is most relaxed, like his parents.

He is really strong and can hold his head steady with no problem. S&S say he even turns it from side to side and lifts it easily. He is also quite the diaper man and we got a steady baby fashion show as he whizzed through set after set.

We visited all afternoon and then slipped away to meet with Lance to pick up the washer and dryer from the apartment. The same set that saved Emily & Marty from the laundromat after Martin was born. The apartment they were in at the time had no hook up and so we got the portable kind from Sears. Next the set went to college with Lewis and now it is headed home to do beach laundry duty.

After our apartment stop, we make a run through Trader Joe's for dinner supplies and also Whole Foods where we found local grass feed thick cut rib eye steaks.

Back at babyland Sarah was just arising from her refreshing nap that extended from one hour to about three. We prepped the steaks and corn headed for the spiffy grill that Stephen got for his birthday from Orren & Pat.

We tossed the ready mix Asian salad, sliced the Havarti cheese and bagette. And put the wild Maine blueberry pie in the oven to warm.

The grilling was quick and we sat down to our hearty meal that we polished off with the pie and vanilla ice cream. Edward slept. He missed his party entirely.

We got home around 1am and are ready to go again!

Happy Birthday E.D.


Lorrie said...

Awww... I think he's wearing the outfit I got him! Good to know it fits. :)

Sandy said...

He is indeed sporting his LB togs. 'Take a picture for Lorrie please,' was a parental request.