Thursday, November 04, 2010

Look A Book! Paris 24/7/2010 Day Thirteen

I am determined that today will see the end of this project. Tomorrow is our last day and also the last day of le Tour de France. We don't have VIP tickets or even less than VIP tickets but still we plan to head for the event and see what we can see.

The band is not playing when I begin work on the final pages and I am sad that maybe I only got one day's worth of live Parisian non-stop music. But toward noon they start up and all is well.

The pieces are coming together nicely. I am so anxious for Donna and Hannah to see them. I just know they will be as pleased as I am.

I cannot count the times I need to change my water pots and even clean up the paint saucers aka salad plates that I have appropriated from the apartment, not anticipating using paint at all. But muddy colors are not where this project is going. Bright and colorful is the theme.

Finally the sketches are ready for the fine pencil details which is always my most favorite part. These tiny details make a really nice piece completely special.

I line all the illustrations up on the bed and snap a photo. So much work! Next I take digitals of each one. The double page spreads had to be split for the copying but it will not be difficult to stitch together the two sides of each of these four pages.

I have left plenty of space on every page for copy to be stripped in over non-essential art, such as store walls and such and kept the color there light so that text can seamlessly become part of the art. This is going to be a fun book.

When we stumbled onto the Musique Festival event at St-Germain-des-Prés we were excited to discover that a number of the events were scheduled at the cathedral on our own island. Tonight the Chœur de la Société Philmarmonique de Saint-Petersbourg will be presenting arrangements by Rachmaninov. We have not gotten tickets but want to go if the art allows.

Timing looks good and we dress for our last concert. We travel the few blocks to the church arriving before the ticket seller who turns out to be our new friend. He remembers us. He tells us that tickets are not quite on sale yet and to come back closer to concert time.
We opt for a quick dinner at our downstairs cafe and go back in good time to get excellent seats. Donny is amused at two of the choir members. Their build and stage personality remind him of himself and Dow when they sang in the US Naval Academy Chapel Choir.

After a delightful concert we return to our cafe for café and to say good bye to Daphne. We chat about the divas in the choir. They are so clearly transparent in their bid to outdo each other. Still we are pretty sure that they do not see themselves in this role which makes it maybe funnier.

Dear Paris, we surely are going to miss you.

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