Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Bit of Color, Paris 23/7/2010 Day Twelve

I am très nervous. The entire project has been a nail biter only but to prove to myself that I can deliver what is in my mind's eye, I am not really sure at all. In the end, I am so pleased with the way the sketches evolve. They are complete joyful fun! Just what I envisioned. Reindeer are my new best animal friend. Santa's girls are a delight to sketch. They have such personality. And Santa has been very cooperative.

For the color my plan is to use the pastels with the huge colors variety at my fingertips, adding a bit of water to the larger areas to create a smooth effect.

I get started on the first sketch and am not unhappy with the results but am not sure. I work with the second sketch and then the double page spread I call the Goodwill Tour. I show Donny what I have. We both feel that it is lacking the touch we want.

I have the watercolors and gauche that I have bought plus the acrylics and new brushes. I turn to the copies having used the originals for the first few attempts. The copy paper is heavy and such a bright white, so beautiful. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I set up the paints and start in. A few sketches later I know I am on the mark. The paper is taking the color well and the bright white enhances every brush stroke. Perfect! I breath a sigh of relief and proceed in earnest. Now that I have found my groove, I am determined to have a least one full day in Paris without any art to do, even touch up.

That means two days to go through all the sketches. My style of painting moves fast but it's the little touches that make the pictures shine which means revisiting each sketch many times and meanwhile finding places for all to dry. The flat looks like an art explosion.

To my utter delight a band has started up and their sounds drift into the open windows. They play on and on. I cannot believe what great fortune. Sure I have playlists on my iPad but live music is so artsy and Parisian.

Many sketches later, we break for one final dinner at our favorite cafe, Auberge de la Reine Blanche. I have made good progress but tomorrow is going to be another long day.

Color me a tired artist.

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