Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a delightful group of ladies this past week. I was invited to guide them in the process of creating self portraits out of odds and ends glued onto a canvas or board.

We first started with a blank canvas and added color to our background. This was optional but everyone loved the idea and no one passed on it.

Next we added three dimensional pieces building around faces that I had brought along. There were more gals than faces so some created their own face with paint or created a representational self portrait, always a fine idea anyway!

Most of these gals while creative had little or no artistic background. But you would never know it from the pieces that evolved. I was so very proud of them, parent proud. They had jumped right in and without hesitation created marvelous masterpieces. It was very special too to see so many of the things I had pitched into my art projects pile become a focal point in the art. Pieces that had sat too many years in a box were suddenly in the limelight. How fun!

These gals really did SOAR on this project.


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