Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love My Mom

My mom lives in her wonderful little cottage that she built on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay near the fishing village Reedville Virgina. My dad's family hails from here and has since the early 1600's but mom is the one of the two that ended up in this quiet piece of paradise. We visit each other whenever we can make it happen and by phone in between.

Hi Mom! How're you doing.
Oh okay I guess.
What's up?
I don't have cable. Been out since afternoon. Nothing to watch.
Well, how about a dvd?
Won't work. I don't have cable.
You don't need cable to watch a dvd, Mom.
Yes, I do.
Ummm, actually you don't.
You're not listening to me. It won't work. I tried. Hasn't worked since they made me go digital.
Have you watched a movie since then?
Oh yeah, lots of them.
I see.
You're not listening to me. It just won't work.
Did you click the button on your controller to switch from tv to dvd?
I did the same thing I always do. It works when I have cable. I don't have cable. The dvd won't work. I'm tired of looking at fuzz. There's nothing to do. I'm bored.
You really don't need cable to watch a dvd, Mom.
You just are not listening to me. I put the thingy in. I press the button. All I get is fuzz. Here I'll do it now. Wait a second. Okay I'm putting in the dvd. I'm pressing the input button. Oh, Oh! OH!!

Me to Donny, Mom's having an orgasm, or the dvd is working.

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Kimblitt said...

LMAO. Love it! -Suz and Kimberlee