Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not Exactly Running Part Two

So I burned the tread right off a brand new tire by accounts of this picture. Turns out the tires are so new it's not even a consideration to get two new tires, which we do whenever a tire gives out on us. Keeping things even, so to speak. Just one will do nicely. I mean the things still got some serious tread as does its partner.

What did you do? I've been asked. Dunno. Never drifted off the road (horrors), never grazed another runner (more horrors), stayed pretty much within the speed limit (read pretty much generously).

Also it turns out the spare was only low on air. Prefectly good to use. I knew Donny kept things right, but who was I to argue that night. Anyway it wasn't a great spot to be changing a tire. And I never would have gotten to spend 170 miles with Vince Vaughan.

It was my $300 night to remember. Posted by Picasa

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