Thursday, June 15, 2006


We pass this flock of redwinged blackbirds on our run to classes. Today we take time to take a few glamour shots. Later I read that the redwing is related to the common grackle, but they are so much prettier looking. We really do enjoy all the natives we come upon and the great flora offerings in lots of folks yards. It make the run more fun to be on the lookout for new visual treats.

About 1/2 way into our run we see a guy coming towards us. There's a real runner proclaims S. As he approached he flags us down and asks if we run this route regularly. At our nod he asks if we know where the Marathon starts. Boy, has he ever asked the right people. We tell him and then discover he doesn't know about the connecting path to KH and the start. He is delighted as he usually stops short of it and turns around.

Our new friend is visiting his parent's home nearby. S is right, he is a real runner. He has run 15 marathons, he has run Boston, he has run 70 miles straight. He admires my Garmin and we compare notes on my new model versus his older one. We wave goodbye and continue on.

We're in, we grin. We are recognized as real runners! Posted by Picasa

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