Monday, May 29, 2006

What Does This Mean?

Not too much to anyone but the Marathonettes. After signing up for Nags Head Woods 5K run two weeks back, I almost immediately lost SW's bib. Only because S saw hers wiggling out of the bag as we ran along exploring the course layout, did we stop to check all the bags and found no bib anywhere for SW.

Tired, as we had already run 18+ miles, we only retraced our steps a mile back to the registration folks and explained. They laughed and issued SW a new number. Race day brought personal successes but no visual of the missing bib, not a concern anyway just a curiosity.

Jog forward two weeks and find us taking a turn through the broad meadow where the 5K made its loop. We had run this far with bags in hand two weeks earlier, but like I said were too tired to jog back to the meadow unless we really had to.

Wouldn't it be something to find that number mused S, I had totally forgotten about it. I began scanning the grasses as we headed into the field. And there, through wind and storms but no grass cutting tractor, patiently waited yet one more of our lost objects. Posted by Picasa

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