Monday, January 05, 2015

Thanks Stephen Colbert

The best show ending of all times.

Even if you never watched a single episode of the Colbert Report the ending is an immensely entertaining classic.

Then entire last show was spot on. I'm posting the last three segments here. (No way to avoid the commercial lead-ins. But in the fullness of time they will be iconic too).

If you only have time for one segment make it We'll Meet Again which you can easily watch several times to be sure and catch every little thing.

Grimmy's Goodbye

After he becomes immortal Stephen sings a sunny farewell with a LOT of former guests.

We'll Meet Again

And then a final wrap-up with Santa and others.

Sign Off - From Eternity

And so Until We Meet Again (already on a favorite playlist as only Johnny Cash can cover it) enjoy!

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