Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I am completing my seventh decade. Would not change a thing. Sure I've figured out a lot along the road but that's just it, those figurings make this me and I'm pretty content with the package.

Donny laughs at me about the whole getting older and older and older thing since I never ask for Senior Citizen discounts. I'm not completely fanatical, I will reluctantly take it if queried but, as a point in case, I do everything I can to avoid Harris Teeter on Thursdays in fear that I'll be asked.

The problem is that it's the name that's all wrong. The title Senior Citizen has a pretty strong reputation for being connected with so many negative aspects of aging. If marketing were to spice it up with say, Super Senior Citizen, or Fantastic, or Terrific. Or Awesome I'd be in. Being asked if I'm a Super Senior, or an Awesome Senior or any of the other positive superlatives would be much more fun.

Anyway point made let's party!

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