Thursday, October 03, 2013


Got a frantic message from my cousin last week.

"Did I send you an email?"


"Praise the Lord. The anti-Bill Gates strikes again. If I had I was going to ask you to send it back."

"You know you cannot get emails back. That is unless you're NSA or a tabloid."

"If NSA is reading my email, it's a slow news day."

I reasoned that she was slightly chagrined at her almost mistake. I'd been there, both ways. It's a lot more fun to read something that was never intended for your eyes than the other way around. Since I was in the studio already painting for a pending art show I grabbed a scrap of board. The result was fun but I could do better.

I painted another board. I sent her a photo. "See how well you clean up."

"I love it! Name your price."

Price? We continued to chat. With her every sentence, I had inspiration for more boards. The woman is a wealth of cleverly combined words.

"Maybe we could sell these."

"Go for it. I don't do marketing well at all."

"I'm on it. But I need to keep a low profile. The job."

"No worries. How about we call ourselves AL. Your first initial and my second. Wait even better SLAP. Both our first and second initials."

"I like."

"Or how about BitchSlap."

And slam, bam, thank you ma'am BitchSLAPBoards was born. Look us up. We hang with SandyBeachGirl on Instagram & Twitter. And Sandy Jett Ball on Facebook.

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