Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Kind of Animal

Taking a break from writing about Paris adventures while Camp OBX is in session, I feel the need to add this one to the blog thread.

Leaving Jockey's Ridge today where we had lots of fun doing the usual Jockey's Ridge things; climbing dunes, running down dunes. sliding down dunes, writing in the sand, all the traditional things, we decide to take the sand route alongside the boardwalk back to the car.

It is a compromise from Jake's need to trudge some more in the sand and Lydia's need to get back fast. Martin, for once, does not care. When we run out of the sand trail, we proceed to climb over the rail. At about this juncture a small kid, 3 years or so, comes along going to the dunes with his folks.

He shrieks and points, "What kind of animal is that?"

In his low key non-excitable voice, Jake says to me, "I think he is talking about us."

I then say to young one and his family, "Dirty human animals."

Lydia, the last one over the rail and stuck on top at this point, which probably initiated the kid's reaction, yells, "Grandma, you're embarrassing me!"

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